jumputi heroes 【ジャンプチヒーローズ】 YU-GI-OH ! ( 遊☆戯☆王 ) all characters

After the annoncement of the near end of the game on 27 march, i decided to keep some memories of this game, here the characters and their emotions,panels,attack move and victory pose,not only the super

i don’t have all character of the game yet, some legendary and mostly the musou and densetsu
if you have them all, please feel free to upload a video of them to keep a memorie of them to

character list:
00:00 Yugi Muto
00:40 Yugi Muto ( Exodia the forbidden one )
01:15 Yugi Muto ( The sky dragon of Osiris )
01:51 Yugi Muto ( A friendship worth risking your life for )
02:32 Katsuya Jonouchi
02:57 Katsuya Jonouchi ( A duel of life and death )
03:36 Seto Kaiba
04:10 Seto Kaiba ( The terror of blue-eyes )
04:45 Seto Kaiba ( Road to the new year )
05:18 Seto Kaiba ( Giant divine soldier of the Obelisk )
05:58 Anzu Mazaki
06:25 Anzu mazaki ( Powerful hidden feelings )
07:00 Ryo Bakura
07:32 Marik Ishtar
08:19 Mai Kujaku
08:59 Insector Haga

Name translation is from original content hd, jumputi character list https://ochd.co.uk/db/puti/en/

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