jumputi heroes 【ジャンプチヒーローズ】Jojo’s bizarre adventure ( (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ) part 6: Stone ocean

After the annoncement of the shutdown of the game on 27 march 2024, i decided to keep some memories of this game, here the characters and their emotions,panels,attack move and victory pose,not only the super

i don’t have all characters of the game, some legendary and mostly the musou and densetsu ( 8 missing characters )
if you have them all, please feel free to upload a video of them to keep memories of them to

character list:
00:00 Jolyne cujoh
00:50 Ermes Costello
01:23 Weather Report
01:58 Narciso Anasui
02:32 Foo Fighter / F.F
03:06 Enrico Pucci
03:45 Ungalo
04:19 Rikiel
04:46 Donatelo Versus

Name translation are from original content hd, jumputi character list https://ochd.co.uk/db/puti/en/

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